Our Mission at Coordinated Obesity Advocacy and Carers Help Incorporated is to help drive change in the public perceptions and stigma associated with Obesity, its prevention, support and treatment for the sufferers, their families and Carers and in particular the misconceptions with Weight Loss Surgery.

We will strive to do this by:

  • Providing leadership and independent advice from first hand experience to inform sound policy.

  • Building recognition of the personal, psychological, social and economical effects of Obesity and Obesity related diseases.

  • Changing entrenched attitudes.

We will endeavour to highlight current knowledge, treatments and procedures on the effective management of Obesity, drawing on a wealth of Scientific and Medical knowledge, based on research and case studies reviewed by leading edge experts in their field from both Australia and abroad. In turn providing us with the tools to establish a base for effective community response and essential government funding.

Creating an accessible pathway for the 66% of our population who are “Overweight and Obese” to confidently seek the professional help they so desperately need and want without fear of discrimination.

Providing assistance in sourcing appropriate Medical and everyday essential equipment, clothing and furniture in order to function in their home environment.

Establishing and continually growing a network of Healthcare professionals, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Suppliers, Fitness and Nutritional pioneers and fellow Non-Profit Organisations. Essentially putting together an Elite Team to help combat this highly stigmatised condition, making a positive and everlasting impact on society.

A Not-for-Profit Organisation with the long term goals of opening Nationwide Obesity Treatment and Rehabilitation Super Centres accessible through the Public Healthcare System based on Specialist Endocrinologist Dr Nic Kormas’ program, ensuring all people young and old suffering from Obesity in Australia have access to life saving treatment without prejudice.

Coordinated Obesity Advocacy and Carers Help Incorporated has been co-founded by Andre Nasr (Australia’s Heaviest Man) and is served by a Board who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, knowledge and understanding in their respective fields. Many of which either were or are dealing with Obesity and Obesity related diseases.

Thank you for joining and supporting us on this journey to help break the stigma against Obesity, it’s sufferers, their families and their Carers. Together, we CAN make a change!!!



Coordinated Obesity Advocacy and Carers Help Incorporated is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

ABN 99 863 949 747